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Monica’s Animal Drawings – Each drawing or painting is a heartfelt attempt to present the animal in a new light and unique perspective to the viewer. Even as a child Monica has felt drawn to nature and animals, especially big cats and prefers to depict them in their natural habitat which is usually South America or Africa, though there are some American wild cats.

As the progress of humanity closes in on wild habitats it is important to appreciate and protect these magnificent animals. Monica enjoys using brilliant contrasting colors and often incorporates geometric elements in her artwork. These giclee reproductions on museum fine art paper are matted and ready to frame. Since the sizes of 5×7 and 8×10 inches are fairly small, she forsees displaying them in groupings or in collages. Frames should chosen such that the display blends into the decor of the room in which they are displayed.

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  • pony

    Pony (8×10 Matted Print)

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  • prince

    Prince (5×7 Matted Print)

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  • riley

    Riley (5×7 Matted Print)

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  • slice of heaven

    Slice of Heaven (5×7 Matted Print)

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  • torro

    Torro (5×7 Matted Print)

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