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Fall Splendor at Bull Creek

This is a photograph of Bull Creek District Park which is nowadays within the city limits of Austin, Texas. The photo was taken in the fall of 2019 and was partially inspired by my many childhood visits to the creek especially during the period that my dad owned a piece of investment property on the other side of Loop 360 near the location where this photograph was taken.

One day my dad dropped me off at his property with my 22 rifle that he had given me for Christmas the previous year. I must have been 14 years old at the time so this was about 1965. Dad went off to work to return several hours later while I was left to plink away at tin cans and squirrels (note: no squirrels were harmed as I was a terrible shot). Loop 360 had not even been built at the time. Spicewood Springs was a narrow two lane road with low water crossings where you drove thru the shallow flowing water. These crossing could not be traversed after heavy rains as the water would rise sometimes to five or more feet deep. Some sections of the old road still exist today and are now closed via gates during heavy rains.

My dads property was not in the city limits at the time. There were some houses near the top of the cliffs overlooking the property and someone from up there must have called the cops because a sheriff’s deputy pulled up and approached me. The deputy said something like “don’t you know this is private property?” I replied, “yes sir, I do. My father owns this property.” Puzzled, he wrote down my name and drove off.

In the fall of 2019 while the colors were at their best I made several trips to Bull Creek to photograph. After several attempts to get just the right angle of the waterfall and deciding to utilize a neutral density filter over my lens to allow a long shutter speed to blur the moving water, I was finally pleased with the result. I hope you agree. You can purchase a framed print from this website or click the link to my SmugMug site and purchase prints of a couple of different sizes and then frame it yourself.

Directions to Bull Creek

Map to Bull Creek

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