Monica's Day of The Dead Skull Artwork

Acrylic Day of the Dead Skull Artwork by Monica Puryear

colorful pen drawing by Monica Puryear of a Mexican sugar skull celebrating day of the dead encased in distressed acrylic embellished with gemstones
Day of The Dead Skull #1 (9x12 Acrylic Art)

This Day of The Dead Skull Artwork by Monica Puryear is in celebration of the Mexican holiday “Día de Muertos”, the annual holiday celebrated throughout southern and central Mexico. This globally recognized holiday is in celebration of family members now deceased. Notice the jolly face of the skull. This is to capture the joy and spirit of deceased loved ones. In 2008 this tradition was inscribed in the Representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by USESCO.

Each piece is based on an original pen drawing by Monica Puryear that is transferred to a board and embellished on the edges with mosaic tiles, stones and glass beads. The piece is then enveloped with an acrylic resin that leaves a unique distressed finish not seen in other artwork. No two pieces are identical so when one is sold it will no longer be available. These truly out-of-the-ordinary peices are ready to hang and make a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Most of the Day of The Dead acrylic art is offered in the 5×7 size. If you have sufficient wall space,  groupings of multiple cross styles makes for very interesting displays. If you only have a small amount of wall space then you might consider the larger 8×10 size or 9×12 artwork.